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Study Guide Greenhouse

Study Guide Greenhouse

Part of the Psychoanalytic Perspectives: Roots & Branches initiative, the Study Guide Greenhouse is an online resource designed to be an increasingly comprehensive collection of thoughtfully put together study guides.

Each guide has a particular focus and contains an introductory statement, recommended reading, and follow-up comments/questions, along with the contributor's bio and contact information.

This collection of study guides is not meant to replace formal education but is instead designed by the Alliance community, for the Alliance community, to help develop a frame of reference for particular traditions, models, and language from Key Figures and Concepts throughout our psychoanalytic heritage.

Many, but not all, contributors are open to facilitating organized study groups or classes, some for a fee, if enough interest is expressed.

In the ongoing effort to expand the current collection of quality study guides, please consider submitting a contribution. [Download Contribution Guidelines]

Listing of Study Guides

Freud and Libido Development
Contributed by Daniel Benveniste

Introduction to Kleinian Theory
     Slides - Melanie Klein Biography
     Slides - Melanie Klein Positions

     Slides - Melanie Klein Unconscious Phantasy

Contributed by Sue N. Carlson

Introduction to Harold Searles
Contributed by Ann Glasser & Terry Hanson