Alliance Discussions

Alliance Discussions is an information sharing tool, also called a “listserv,” used to post and receive email messages via a mass distribution list using the email address, Any message submitted to the listserv will be immediately distributed to all subscribed addresses. 

Members of the NWAPS community are eligible to subscribe to the listserv. To start or stop receiving listserv emails, go to the message list and click the bell icon in the upper right:

Choose Watching to get all messages by email, or choose Muted to stop getting emails.

New Discussions Software, June 2024

To begin using the new software, you'll need to log in here, then click the link above to visit the new server. After your first visit, you'll begin to receive emails from the server. You can then reply via email or using the web interface, whichever you prefer.

Only active members can read or post to the discussions service.

Community Guidelines


Alliance Discussions is maintained as a source of information and civil discourse. Alliance Discussions is not intended to advocate for any particular cause beyond the scope of NWAPS’s mission, which is to make psychoanalytic knowledge available and useful to interested professionals and to the community at-large in the Pacific Northwest. The purpose of the listserv is to provide a protected space for members to post referrals, have public discussions, form community, connect with one another, and share information relevant to psychoanalytic practice.

Core Values

The core values of Alliance Discussions are relevance to psychoanalysis, meaning that all posts must be in some way related to psychoanalytic theory or practice; respect for others, meaning that all NWAPS members can expect to engage without risk of personal attack or rudeness and will post in consideration of the context and audience of their posts (eg. many members receive post notifications by email during the workday, many members are not practicing psychoanalyst, many members live outside the greater Seattle area); free speech, meaning that disagreement will not be silenced purely due to disagreement; good faith, meaning that NWAPS members will post with the sincere intention to be fair, open, and honest, regardless of the outcome of the interaction; and thoughtfulness, meaning that posts will be made with reasonable consideration and due contemplation.

Discussions which range too far afield the above core values are inappropriate for Alliance Discussions and will be addressed using the protocol outlined in the “Moderation and Post Removal” section below. These core values do not preclude discussion of current events or contributions from outside the field of psychoanalysis when these works add to psychoanalytic study.


Alliance Discussions is only accessible to NWAPS members; however, the posts are made by email, which is not a secure means of communication. All NWAPS members also have full access to the Alliance Discussions archive. NWAPS members should treat posts on Alliance Discussions as public statements that could be seen by potential clients, current clients, and their families. All posts must adhere to  community standards of professional public conversation and follow our community values listed above. Additionally, posts must adhere to professional, ethical, and legal guidelines regarding confidentiality. 

Basic confidentiality guidelines include:

  • Post as few clinical details as possible when describing a case or patient. Acceptable details include gender, general age (adult, adolescent, elder, child), presenting issues, preferred locations and insurance requirements.
  • Omit identifying details about the patient such as neighborhood, family structure, where they work or go to school, etc.
  • If you think more information is required to make an appropriate referral, please ask for interested parties to reply backchannel and include your email address in your message.

If you are not certain your post meets the above guidelines, or if you have any other questions, please email Posts that do not meet the above guidelines for confidentiality may be removed per the protocol outlined under “Moderation and Post Removal” below.

Appropriate Posts

Below is a list of the sorts of posts appropriate for Alliance Discussions.

  • Referrals
  • Event listings
  • Class announcements
  • Office space listings and requests
  • Job opportunities
  • Discussions related to the clinical or business practice of psychoanalytic treatment
  • Discussions related to psychoanalytic study
  • News relevant to psychoanalysis

This list is not exhaustive, but the majority of posts on Alliance Discussions should fit in one of the above categories.

Inappropriate Posts

Below is a list of the sorts of posts not appropriate for Alliance Discussions.

  • Solicitations for goods and services
  • Spam
  • Personal attacks
  • Political advocacy not related to psychoanalysis
  • Discussions not related to the clinical or business practice of psychoanalytic treatment or psychoanalytic study.
  • Clinical consultation. 
  • Sports scores.
  • Baby announcements.

This list is not exhaustive. Posts that are not appropriate for Alliance Discussions may be removed per the protocol outlined below.

Moderation and Post Removal

Alliance Discussions will be unmoderated. If a member feels that post does not follow the community guidelines, that post will be forwarded to the technology committee. Any NWAPS member can forward a post they believe does not follow the community guidelines, to Posts that don’t follow the community guidelines may be removed. Members whose posts don’t follow the community guidelines will be contacted by the technology committee before their post is removed. Members who display a pattern of misusing Alliance Discussions may have their posting privileges revoked after two warnings.