The Alliance Press

The Alliance Press

In 2008, we launched the Alliance Press. We have published two books thus far: a collection of papers by Robert L. Bergman, Mindless Psychoanalysis, Selfless Self Psychology and Further Explorations; and Jeffrey Eaton's A Fruitful Harvest: Essays After Bion. Both books are available for purchase below. 

A Fruitful Harvest
Jeffrey L. Eaton

"A superb exploration of the importance of emotional pain - how we deal with it, how we can deal with it. Eaton weds psychoanalysis and Buddhism to give birth to new ways of experiencing ourselves and working with our experience. He has a special talent for the Autistic spectrum of children in therapy, but has something to give all of us that speaks to our difficulties in living. This is a book not only for mental health workers, but for all who want to benefit from fruitful reflections on the human condition."

—Michael Eigen, PhD author of Contact with the Depths, Feeling Matters, and The Sensitive Self.

A Fruitful Harvest is available from Amazon for $35 in paperback or $20 on Kindle.

Mindless Psychoanalysis, Selfless Self Psychology, and Further Explorations
Robert L. Bergman

"Written with humor and grace, Mindless Psychoanalysis, Selfless Self Psychology and Further Explorations takes us on a remarkable exploration of the author's own psyche as well as our own. Using the tools of psychoanalysis, Bergman skillfully dissects his clinical experiences and relates them to the history of psychoanalysis as well as to its current state. Dr. Bergman's book is a gift, a deep meditation about our field and, more importantly, about the mysteries of being human."

—Daniel Jacobs, MD Supervising and Training Analyst, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute, Coauthor, The Supervisory Encounter