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Alliance Bridge Program

The Bridge program is currently not offering consultation opportunities at this time.

The Alliance Bridge Program

Supporting the community through psychoanalytic consultation 

The Bridge Program is a partnership between the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study and local community health organizations. This partnership strives to reach diverse therapist and client populations, widening the reach of psychoanalytic ideas into places where clients have traditionally lacked access to long-term, depth-oriented treatment.  Seasoned clinicians bring their area of expertise to consultation and offer a framework for thinking analytically and conceptualizing experiences between therapists and clients. In the service of understanding psychological phenomenon and process within a larger psychosocial context, a secondary objective of the Bridge Program is to hold in mind issues of race, class and intersectional identities while considering treatment plans, objectives, and goals.  

The Bridge Program provides up to ten hours of psychoanalytic consultation per year, per organization, as determined between the consultant and the agency. Participants will also have the opportunity to earn continuing education for each hour of consultation provided. The Program is made possible through an Alliance Special Initiatives Grant, and seeks to uphold the following objectives:  

  • To collectively deepen the understanding of psychoanalytic concepts and their practical usefulness in a variety of settings
  • To promote therapists’ reflective capacity to improve resilience, communication, and treatment effectiveness
  • To influence the overall culture in healthcare settings to support thoughtful, trauma-informed treatment that considers intersecting identities and the larger sociopolitical context
  • To address issues of race and racism in psychoanalytic education and treatment, responding to the need for greater equity and inclusion in historically white-dominant therapeutic spaces