About the Alliance

Our Mission

The mission of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study (the "Alliance") is to make psychoanalytic knowledge available and useful to interested professionals and to the community at-large in the Pacific Northwest. The Alliance welcomes professionals of the mental health, health care, and human services communities, regardless of academic discipline, who seek the deeper human understanding that psychoanalysis can provide. Because of its appreciation for the scientific and humanistic foundations of psychoanalytic thought and practice, the Alliance is committed to:

  • Provide opportunities for the study of psychoanalytic theory and practice, through meetings on professional topics, courses, forums, workshops, and study groups.
  • Facilitate the examination and discussion of a wide variety of approaches to theory and practice in psychoanalysis.
  • Encourage research of psychoanalytic concepts.
  • Support, sponsor, and facilitate educational programs and training opportunities for the benefit of professionals interested in psychoanalytic theory and practice.
  • Promote dissemination of information regarding psychoanalytic offerings through newsletters, bulletins, or other appropriate means.
  • Build and maintain relationships with organizations that represent many segments of the psychoanalytic community on both the local and national levels, including Division 39 of the American Psychological Association.