Community Events (non-Alliance)

SPSI Scientific Session - Charlotte Malkmus, MA, Maureen Pendras, MSW, Ron Furedy, MD

"Reflections from Behind the Couch: Early, Middle, and Later Years

Psychoanalysis has famously been called the "impossible profession." This can stir fear in all of us, in terms of feeling comfortable, or even just adequate, in the face of ambivalence, paradox, madness even. How do we proceed?  How do we dare to grow as professionals amidst such struggles - our patients and our own? What kind of learning takes place after the formal training period has ended?

NPSI Clinical Café

At the free Clinical Café, an NPSI training analyst will present an excerpt from a clinical case, illustrating psychoanalytic thought and technique for those considering analytic training. Refreshments will be served. Join us for a morning of psychic and physical nourishment.

Heitor Gunther Perdigão, MD, FIPA - "Challenges in Transcultural Analyses"

Dr. Perdigão notes that analysts are often confronted with issues arising out of cultural differences and may on occasion conduct analyses in a language that is not the patient's native tongue. This has become more pertinent with the worldwide expansion of psychoanalysis. One of the challenges analysts face is how to better understand patients who come from different cultural backgrounds.


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